A website doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you know what you want.

In case you have figured out what content it should have we will deliver exactly what you want (and probably more) for a bargain price and deliver it within a week to a month.

High quality, low costs

We have lot’s of experience building websites and as you probably already know the GOTO platform is undeniable WordPress. Wordpress powers over 35% of all websites worldwide and this number is only going up.
So is it expensive to develop a website with wordpress? You might be wrong and right at the same time:
Wordpress is a theme and plugin oriented platform. This means that if you can’t code yourself and you want to have a nice looking website you’re going to pay for a lot of functionality and design.
The unfortunate thing is that most of these payments are going to return monthly or yearly.
At IT Solutions Braunschweig, we know how to keep costs low. We code most of a websites functionality ourselves, but also work with standard themes/plugins since most of the time they will be easier to use for you once we hand over the CMS.

website scalability
1 / 3

Startup package

Standard pages included

2 extra pages

Control CMS

1 week delivery

More options

€ 669

2 / 3

Ambition package

Standard pages included

6 extra pages

Speed optimization

Separate mobile design


€ 1499

3 / 3

Brutal package

12 extra pages

Speed optimization

Separate mobile design

On site SEO

Much more

FROM € 2999

Considerations for building a website


Our approach is to design a modern looking and clearly structures website. But primarily we are programmers not designers.
So our strategy is normally to ask a few examples of websites who’s style is looking good to you, start developing in that direction and have in-between talks if everything is heading in the right direction. In case you have a specific design (possible made by a graphic designer) we will be able to transform it into code and deliver these exact specifications on your website.


Maybe you’ve realised while surfing the web that a lot of websites look different on mobile compared with a desktop version. When designing a website we need to realize that the big difference between the two are a portrait (mobile) compared with a landscape (desktop) view. Since the ratio and the aspect is different it might be wise to design certain alter some of the details.
i.e.: You have 3 pictures next to each other in a landscape view, they line up perfectly, but it wouldn’t make sense in a portrait (since the with of is smaller).
Possible solutions for the portrait would be to only show 1, put all 3 in a swipeable slider or put them underneath each other.
No matter the solution you’d like to choose, it’s important to realize that these two branches are different in small but important ways.


A website does need a logo. However logo design is a very personal thing and in many cases quite expensive if you hire a professional. For this reason we decided not to include logo-design in our services. In case you’re looking for a designer, we’d be happy to link you to one of our partners.


Normally a company has some preferred colours and we’d be happy to implement it on your website. One tip regarding the usage of colours:
It might be wise to take 1 colour as a main colour (this does not include black, grey and white) and choose up to 3 secondary colours that can be used to accentuate some items on the website.


Do you have a font that you use in a company style? We can use this on the website. However most standard fonts do not support a thin or extra thin weight. Thin fonts (like you see on this website) have an immediate elegant look to them and are (in our opinion) essential to a modern looking website.

images draft new website

What can you expect from us?

While building a website, our aim is to keep costs low for you. To realize fast delivery with low costs our workflow is the following:
1. You buy a domain and web hosting package (we can do this for you as well)
2. Provide us all necessary information regarding design (logo, colours, font, links to websites that you like)
3. Provide us the pictures and texts for your website
4. We will deliver a draft on a dedicated subdomain (depending on the size, but normally within 1 or 2 weeks)
5. Provide us with all desired changes in text, style and design
6. We will deliver the new iteration of the website (normally within a few days)
7. In case you are happy with the result we’ll deliver the website on your domain and hosting