Company Structure

IT Solutions Braunschweig is solely owned by it’s founder Maurice Reuchlin and Maurice will always try to oversee projects or handle them himself.
However nobody has expertese in all areas and so additionally we work with part-time freelancers that have been screened for know how, pro-active attitude and communicational skills.
Next to the freelancers we work with 2 advisors that will always give a second opinion regarding design, style or architecture while projects are in development.

Our vision

We love quality and honest work for an honest price.
During the last decade we’ve seen a lot of of companies offering all kinds of software solutions for all kinds of prices.
Unfortunately if your not a programmer you have no idea about the quality of your product.
So how do you know with what party you should work? Are you going for the cheapest one or do you imagine that the most expensive one is the best?
The answer to this question is a difficult one. And although we can’t tell too much about other companies, we work on a 100% transparent basis.
This means that we will deliver the source code and/or CMS to you to review and approve.