We provide 3 packages in which most websites can be build. However in case you have a special addition that you’d like us to implement, we’re happy to do so.

No hidden fees. No subscriptions

All packages below include fully functional websites. You will receive full control over the CMS and after delivery of the product there are no strings attached.
You can make adjustments to any page or functionality as you see fit.
Do you already have a website and would like a free check-up about it’s standard, speed and on-site SEO? Ask for a website scan, free of charge.

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Startup package

€ 669

Ambition package

€ 1499

Brutal package

FROM € 2999

Domain Yes Yes Yes
Standard pages included Yes Yes Yes
Secure connection (HTTPS) Yes Yes Yes
Control over the CMS Yes Yes Yes
Extra pages 2 6 12*
Speed optimization No Partly Full
Separate mobile design No Yes Yes
Multi lingual No No 3 languages*
On-page No Partly Mostly*
Off-page No No No*
Extra functionality
Front end Blog writing No No No*
Whatsapp/messenger integration No No Yes
Webshop No No No*
*Can be extended with an additional charge

What is not included

– Your web hosting
– Maintenance of your website
– Logo design
– Text writing
– Pictures

Webhosting additional price

Webhosting is essential but in most cases not environmentally friendly.
When you choose to let us host your website, you’ll have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we return 3 times the amount of energy your website will use with wind power credits.


– 1 year: € 240,-
– 2 years: € 420,-
– 3 years: € 540,-

Maintenance of your website additional price

In some cases it’s perfectly fine to maintain your own website. However, if you’re short on time or are not skillful when it comes the digital world, it might benefit you to use one of our maintenance contracts:




Price per year

Work hours


€ 300,- per quarter

€ 1200,- per year

3 work hours per quarter


€ 180,- per month

€ 2160,- per year

2 work hours per month


€ 150,- per week

€ 7800,- per year

2 work hours per week

Examples of maintenance

– Technical updates
– Adding articles
– Extending pages
– Extending functionality
– Adjustments lay-out
– Etc


Standard pages:

At ITs.BS we define 4 standard pages: Homepage, Contact page, General terms, Cookie policy

Secure connection:

Means the protocol for interaction with the website will be entirely over HTTPS

Extra pages:

Means additional pages on top of the 4 standard pages.

Speed optimization:

Means we’ll make sure that the website speed will be high. How fast your website actually can be is dependent on the amount of content presented per page.
– Partly: means browser caching, minify css, minify javascript, preload key requests and minimize DOM elements
– Full: means partly plus, delivering images in nextgen format (.webp), eliminate render blocking resources and lazy loading of images (upon request)

Seperate mobile design:

Means that instead of just making a site scaleable for mobile devices (this is standard), you can deliver different content to use om the mobile website (this could be shorter texts, different (sized) images, different margins, etc)

Multi lingual:

Means that there will be a language selector on your website that you can use to change the language of your website (writing translation texts is not included in our services)



Means all you can manage to indexed in the correct way in the code and text on your website.
– Partly: means fast delivery of mobile content, fast overall website speed, alt texts in pictures, clean website code
– Mostly: means partly plus adding meta headers and tags, optimize your click through rate, screening correct usage of keywords (given that they are provided)


Means everything that google finds useful for indexing your website (like back-linking) and is not part of your own website

Extra functionality:

Front end Blog writing:

Means that you are able to write articles for your blog from a login on your website (no need to log into your wordpress dashboard).

WhatsApp/messenger integration:

Have a button on your website that immediately connects the visitor with your whatsapp/facebook messenger.


We do support development of webshops but it’s not part of a standard website. To see all possibilities for a webshop please see all information our webshops page