Search engine optimization, google ads and social media marketing.

What does it all mean?

With well over 1.7 billion websites world wide it’s not easy to get in between and get a good google ranking. Since you are launching a company/product and you want people to visit your website a marketing campaign is quite often the way to go.
But does this mean that SEO (Search engine optimization) should be forgotten?
Not at all, but your google index is something that needs to grow over time. Normally we would suggest that your budget for marketing is highest in the first year. Because in the first year it’s important to invest in SEO, but since you won’t have a decent google ranking yet, you will need a budget for SEA and/or SMA (Search engine advertising and social media advertising) as well.
During the second year your rankings should be a bit better, but you probably need to continue investing. Regarding SEA/SMA in case you have more organic traffic, you would be able to limit this a bit. After the second year, your SEO should be good and you just need to allocate a small budget to keep it all in order. Depending on your traffic you can invest in advertising.

So, does it ever stop regarding marketing investments?
If it’s up to Google, “NO”
Google’s income during 2019 was about $ 160 billion from which $ 134 billion was made from advertisement. So I guess that paints a clear picture why google is not particularly interested in giving you good rankings without them sharing in the profit.
At least once a year Google will update their algorithm to make you invest in SEO and advertising again to keep your scores up.

SEO Diagram

SEO – what can we do for you?

Regarding SEO we can actually do most of your On-page work.
In most website package deals SEO work is included and could include:
– fast delivery of mobile content
– fast overall website speed
– alt texts in pictures
– clean website code
– adding meta headers and tags
– optimize your click through rate
– screening correct usage of keywords (given that they are provided)

So what are other important parts of SEO?
Well actually the first important step is choosing a smart domain name.
More important parts include:
– Investigating what search terms apply to you and implement them in the texts, meta’s, url’s and headers – Backlinks are very important to a successful SEO-profile
These items won’t be done by us since it’s quite specialistic work. However we can provide you with a quote from one of our partners

What can you do?
– Start a Blog (and implement the search terms)
– Create and maintain your google profiles (maps, googlemybusiness)
– Be active on socials

SEM and SMA – what can we do for you?

Regarding marketing strategies it’s better to involve a specialized party. Even though if you have a bit of knowledge about it, it’s probably a good idear to work with a specialized company for a while. Ad-campaigns work with a bid strategy and good marketing companies will reduce the cpc (cost per click) for you and in that way earn their money back.
In case you’re looking for a good marketing partner we’d be happy to share the contact details of companies that we like to work with.

Styled SEO terms