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At IT Solutions Braunschweig we take great pride in digitalization and automatization.
Our concept is simple and transparent:

No cure, no pay

Correct coding

Modern techniques

No hidden fees/subscriptions

CO2 negative

High performance

No matter if you are a selfemployed wookie that wants to make its digital mark or are a fullgrown empire that is looking to design a deathstar without a vulnerable exhaust port, We are here to reach for the stars with you.

New Website:

Where to start

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website scalability
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Startup package

Standard pages included

2 extra pages

Control CMS

1 week delivery

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€ 669

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Ambition package

Standard pages included

6 extra pages

Speed optimization

Separate mobile design


€ 1499

3 / 3

Brutal package

12 extra pages

Speed optimization

Separate mobile design

On site SEO

Much more

FROM € 2999

The road to your new website

You’re looking for a website to make your services visible for the world but you don’t have a clue where to start. It’s a common feeling that everyone that wants to start a website will experience.
From our experience, you should just start. No product will be perfect on the first go.
Texts, pictures, logo’s, etc can be changed along the way and mostly everything starts to become more concrete when the first draft is ready.

Interested in what we can do to help you take the first step?

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Cloud computing

Especially for people/companies that are interested in automating work processes a new website alone won’t be sufficient. A custom made application can be a big improvement for your efficientcy, overview and administration.
Curious to see how we can make your company more efficient?

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    Our vision

    We love quality and honest work for an honest price.
    During the last decade we’ve seen a lot of of companies offering all kinds of software solutions for all kinds of prices.
    Unfortunately if your not a programmer you have no idea about the quality of your product.
    So how do you know with what party you should work? Are you going for the cheapest one or do you imagine that the most expensive one is the best?
    The answer to this question is a difficult one. And although we can’t tell too much about other companies, we work on a 100% transparent basis.
    This means that we will deliver the source code and/or CMS to you to review and approve.

    Curious about other websites we’ve delivered?