You’d like to automate your company (further), but are stuck regarding how to do so?
Contact us and tell us about your project and we’re happy to give you detailed information about our approach in the matter.

Our vision

There are 2 types of consultants in the world. The ones that earn their money by talking and the once that like to let their results do the talking.
We value business knowledge, reports in bullet points and clear project scopes. Needless to say, we want to get the job done and preferable sooner then later. Our consultants know how to code and know how to run projects. We code ourselves or report very clear on how your developers can implement new solutions. Even though documentation is essential, it needs to be clear and to the point. When the coding is outsourced to us we will guarantee fully readable, structured and efficient code (Guaranteed money back upon delivery of spaghetti code).

Around what price should I estimate?

No project is the same and so it’s hard to give a correct price estimate.
However we offer a first consult by Skype for FREE and/or a project introduction for € 250,-.
During this introduction we will visit your company and discuss in +/- 4 hours what the scope of the project is. After we are up to date regarding the scope of the project we can make you an offer regarding a project price and provide the strategy on how to run the project.

Regular approach on a project:

Our approach can normally be described in the following steps:
0. Introduction (introduction to the company and what it is the business does)
1. Business analysis (get familiar with the processes of the company)
2. Workflow design (capturing the business protocols in detailed decision tree(s))
3. Report recommendations (short report on possible solutions and improvements)
4. Business case (overview of cost and benefits)
5. Functional design (what process needs to be automated and how)
6. Technical design (specification on what needs to be coded)
7. Review of the delivered code (was the received code written in a correct way)
8. Test (testing new functionality)
9. Providing the new functionality to the business for acceptance

You’d like to start automating you’re business?

Many companies can optimize their efficiency by automating their business processes.
However it might be very expensive to do so and it’s not even be necessary to do so.
The big questions that need to be answered are:
– How many hours are spend on administrative tasks?
– How many hours can be saved?
– After period do I earn back my investment for automating processes?

We can help you to answer these questions, but we can’t help you deciding if you think that it’s worthwhile to actually invest in software solutions. In general the break even point will be 2 or 3 years after you invested in custom software and if we are completely honest, probably the first year is going to include extra manual work, since the software needs to be developed and employees need to be trained.

Consultancy price indication

These prices are an indication and from project to project they might differ:

Small project
(+/-125 hours)

Medium project
(+/-400 hours)

Pay as you go
(price per hour)

Remote € 6875,- (€ 55 per hour) € 20000,- (€ 50 per hour) € 60,-
On-site € 8750,- (€ 70 per hour) € 26000,- (€ 65 per hour) € 75,-