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Do I need an app, desktop application or web application?

At IT solutions Braunschweig we’re skilled in developing APEX applications. APEX is a cross-platform development tool from Oracle an fully responsive to any device that you wish to access it with. Since it is an Oracle tool, you’ll need to configure it with an Oracle database (there is an oracle database version that is completely free). In case you are already running an other database, this doesn’t mean that you need to migrate everything to Oracle. The vast possibility of webservices that APEX offers will give you endless possibilities to keep your current data storage as is.

Around what price should I estimate?

This is very much dependent on how you wish to host it. Apex in itself is available from € 0,- (added prices are possible due to the size of your business).
Regarding our pricing it is very much dependable on your project, but if there is a concrete scope our project price will always be a lot cheaper compared with a price per hour.


APEX does support custom javascript and CSS, so if you would like to implement your companies look and feel, that is for sure possible. Furthermore APEX comes with bootstrap, so the screens will adjust themselves based on the screen size you’re accessing it with.

For what could I use a custom application?

All administrative tasks could be implemented in an easy to use interface. Examples are:
– Employee administration
– Stock management
– Email handling
– Invoicing
– Reporting
– and more or less anything you can think of

Data security

Since APEX is an oracle product it has quite some nifty security features. So you can assign user roles and define per role if parts of the application can be accessed. Further more all security like encrypted passwords, making your webservices only accessible through https, etc are possible. But this is only on the application end. Your server should have it’s own security and to make sure of this we’d advise you to work with a good hosting provider.

Application development price indication:

These prices are an indication and from project to project they might differ:

Small project
(+/-125 hours)

Medium project
(+/-400 hours)

Pay as you go
(price per hour)

Remote € 7500,- (€ 60 per hour) € 20000,- (€ 50 per hour) € 70,-
On-site € 10625,- (€ 85 per hour) € 32000,- (€ 80 per hour) € 90,-